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1000 Satellites establishes a productive working environment for commuting employees and regional freelancers right on the doorstep.

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Online: New work concepts after Corona
flexible | cost-efficient | attractive

The so-called “new normal” due to the Covid-19 pandemic presents companies and their employees with new challenges for which there have been no reliable solutions so far. Together with the Wirtschaftsregion Bergstraße / Wirtschaftsförderung Bergstraße GmbH, 1000 Satellites would like to discuss the topic of how to make office concepts flexible, cost-efficient and attractive after Covid-19 with you in the form of an online event on April 29th 2021.

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Weekly Active Coworking with Jennifer Brechtel

Since February 2nd, we have been offering you a free, active lunch break every week – virtually! Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. everything that a good co-worker needs is trained for half an hour together with Neustadt health manager and fitness trainer Jennifer Brechtel. We are always happy to have numerous participants and promise you that it won’t be too exhausting either …

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