Rates & Offers


All rates include:

Free seating choice

High variety of height adjustable desks with docking stations & displays

Coffee, tea and water, free of charge

Membership in the 1000 Satellites Community of coworkers from different occupational background in this region

High-speed internet via wifi

Telephoneboxes and other creative areas for retreat

Community management
2 days/month
€ 69,-*
5 days/month 2h/month meeting room
€ 149,-*
+ Plus
10 days/month 4h/month meeting room
€ 269,-*
Unlimited 4h/month meeting room
On request

*excl. VAT.; Membership is non-transferable and valid for one month. Further prices (e.g. for team offices, events, conference packages) can be found here.

Rooms for meetings and workshops

More offers:

In addition to the workplaces for your employees, we offer various rooms for meetings, workshops and other events in our satellites.

Pilot study

Your own pilot study with 1000 Satellites:

As part of a pilot study, your employees will have the opportunity to test the concept of mobile work in the decentralized coworking spaces of 1000 satellites for a limited time in selected locations.

Or would you like to have a customized offer?

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