Decentralized coworking at 1000 Satellites

You are tired of commuting to work by car or train?

You already work mobile from home, but lack a professionally equipped workplace with optimal ergonomics and without distractions?

Read about the advantages of decentralized coworking for users and arrange a free Testseating in a satellite of your choice.

The 99-euro membership for participation in the pilot study includes for each employee:

How do I register for the second pilot study as a BASF unit or BASF employee?

BASF units register their employees for a fee by sending the registration form by mail to studie@1000satellites.com  in order to receive a place.

Interested employees can register at any time free of charge and informally by mail (studie@1000satellites.com) , stating their name, unit abbreviation and preferred desired coworking satellite. They will receive a place depending on availability. 

Hier findest Du die Standorte unser aktuellen
und Partner Coworking Spaces.

Aktuell erweitern wir unser Netzwerk in der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar und planen kontinuierlich neue Standorte hinzuzufügen.

67433 Neustadt

Satellit Neustadt

67157 Wachenheim

Satellit Wachenheim

68309 Mannheim

Satellit Honey Camp

69115 Heidelberg

Satellit Heidelberg

64295 Darmstadt

Darmstadt Hbf

Am Kavalleriesand 5

70469 Stuttgart


64331 Weiterstadt


Brunnenweg 19-21

76756 Bellheim


Im Gahnerb 3

76829 Landau in der Pfalz

Landau in der Pfalz

Ostbahnstraße 17

69126 Heidelberg


67346 Speyer


Wormser Landstraße 247

In Arbeit ...

Noch ein wenig Geduld

Dieser Standort wird in Kürze von unserem Team bekannt gegeben.

76756 Bellheim


Im Gahnerb 3

76829 Landau in der Pfalz

Landau in der Pfalz

Ostbahnstraße 17

69115 Heidelberg


Bergheimer Str. 147

Flexible Nutzung unserer Standorte inklusive unserer Partner Coworking Spaces

Ein Innovatives Raumkonzept mit zahlreichen Rückzugsorten.

Ergonomische Büroausstattung für gesundes Arbeiten.

Aktives Community Management – unsere Community Manager kümmern sich um Euch und organisieren z.B. Fortbildungen rund um Themen des agilen Arbeitens.

Neue Verbindungen und Inspirationen für die eigene Arbeit durch die Anwesenheit von Coworkern verschiedener Firmen gewinnen.


BASF has entered into an agreement with 1000 Satellites to offer a special discounted price for BASF units in the study and to facilitate participation. Normally, unlimited monthly tickets cost over 300€. Since it is not yet known how often BASF employees best use satellite coworking spaces as their third office, the study aims to find out. Depending on this, it can be determined whether prices can be maintained or need to be adjusted after the study.

No, working in the coworking spaces of 1000 Satellites will only be possible within the scope of the study as soon as it is also recommended to use the BASF office again. Until then, we recommend that all employees for whom this is possible use the home office as a priority. Even after the end of the lockdown, the high hygiene standards in 1000 Satellites coworking spaces will be maintained, e.g. with lower occupancy of workstations, daily and continuous cleaning of workstations and consistent adherence to AHA rules.