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Tink Tank Heidelberg

69115 Heidelberg

EG, F-Section, Bergheimer Str. 147
08:30-17:30 (Mon-Fri)

  • Located in the heart of Heidelberg
  • Just drop by spontaneously and try out coworking in Heidelberg. Whenever you want. We look forward to seeing you!

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Imagine there is a place where you can not only work, but be yourself. A place that not only inspires you in your work, but also connects you with all kinds of people. A place with no limits to your creativity and where you can find everything you need to become really good at what you do. And then imagine that you could visit this place at any time. Whenever you want, as often as you want – welcome to the Tink Tank.
A place where coworking and new work have found their home. Characterised by values such as openness, community and sustainability. Accessible at any time and with all possibilities and conditions you need to develop further. No matter whether you are freelancer, start-up, digital nomad or permanent employee.


With a membership at 1000 Satellites you can also use our partner locations flexibly. To book a place in Heidelberg, please send an email to la@tink-tank.de and cc to info@1000satellites.com.

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