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76829 Landau in der Pfalz

Ostbahnstraße 17
08:00-18:00 (Mo-Fr)

  • Good accessibility by bus, train and 2 and 4 wheelers.
  • A variety of restaurants and “to go” options for lunch breaks.
  • Afterwork locations within easy reach.
  • Business class hotels within 5 minutes walking distance for your guests.
  • Private parking directly at the building.

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Location infrastructure

Technische Ausstattung

This in advance: We are flexible and can also agree on a special request or a starting price. If your project and your business idea is still very new, we are also ready for longer-term special conditions. Let’s talk!

  • Hotdesks, individual workstations, individual offices and meeting rooms
  • 60 qm meeting room for larger groups
  • High-quality equipment and flexible usage options
  • Evening and weekend events also possible
  • Equipped with video conferencing technology for online seminar and meetings


Theresa Eichhorn

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