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We are a dynamic team and looking forward to welcome you in our community. Here you’ll find everything about us, our vision and company values.


We are changing the World of Work so that everyone, can achieve their full potential everywhere.

Our values


We add value to the environment and society by reducing commuter traffic and its associated impacts. We help our members to live healthy and well balanced life and revitalize suburbs and small towns.


We create and maintain an active community within our satellites and in the regions where 1000 Satellites operates. As such, we generate personal and professional benefits for our members.


We create a reliable “total carefree package” for our members’ workplace. We are responsible with our members data and time.


We support our customers, members and companies to make the transition from “Old Work” to “New Work”. We provide spaces that inspire and create a work environment that is designed to help our members to get the most out of their time at work.

Our Leadership Team

Caro, Markus and Gregory, the founders of 1000 Satellites, are convinced that a change in the traditional work environment is necessary so that everyone can develop their full potential everywhere. That’s why 1000 Satellites is dedicated to creating the perfect place to work – right on your doorstep.

    Caro Windlin


    0173 3784009

    I studied psychology and gained my professional experience in personnel management and start-up development at BASF. At 1000 Satellites I enjoy expanding my skills in the fields of finance and human resources.

    ‘New Work’ is 90% mindset and just 10% method. I believe that people aim to unleash
    their full potential and need the right space to do so. A space comprises more than just a room with a tables and chairs, but also the freedom of choosing where and how to work as well as with whom to interact and network. 1000 Satellites allows me to provide this space for others, enabling them to show their full potential and support each other to evolve and operate. This principle is also the foundation of the company 1000 Satellites.

      Gregory von Abendroth


      0173 3027762

      A microbiologist by heart, I have been able to develop my perspective along various jobs in research and production at BASF. At 1000 Satellites, I am extending my operational experience and strategizing for a truly sustainable company.

      In the corporation I have witnessed the time-consuming commute to work and the possibilities of mobile working long enough to know that the time is ripe for improving this situation for employees. 1000 Satellites allows me to develop a solution for this situation while implementing many of my own values, such as my strong pursuit of realizing sustainable solutions.

        Markus Hummelsberger


        0173 3470179

        I studied economics before gaining professional experience in marketing and sales in various business units of BASF and in a corporate start up (Succinity). At 1000 Satellites I continue to develop my skills in both B2B and B2C marketing and sales.

        I am driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I believe that in the dynamic surroundings we live in, we need a different environment for people and organizations. I want to help make people happier and organizations more successful by creating a third meaningful workplace.

        Our Team

        Tina Weber

        “I’m looking forward to being part of a motivated team on this new project right from the start and to see our community grow.”

        Anna Cassagne

        “I’m thrilled to be able to support the 1000 Satellites team with my experience in events, sales & hospitality just as well as seeing the nascent company together with the team and coworkers expand into something big.”

        Theresa Eichhorn

        “After graduating with a degree in Social Sciences, I am excited to continue being a part of 1000 Satellites Coworking.

        The best part for me is seeing our community grow and being able to be a part of it.”

        Melissa Sacher

        “I’m happy that at 1000 Satellites, not only is my expertise in demand, but my creative streak is also valued and I have room to fully live it out.”

        Gerd Herrmann

        “As an interior designer, I’ve been able to gain extensive experience in all areas of workspace design for many years and have been able to bring this experience to bear in a wide variety of corporate structures. Here, my focus is on merging the benefits and well-being of each individual with theenvironment.
        My main intention here is to create the best possible environment for free development in order to promote creative and energizing work.

        For me, coworking means achieving more together – so feel free to talk to me about it – I am looking forward to the common exchange at 1000 Satellites.”

        Andrea Dauenheimer

        “After studying business administration in Hamburg, I worked for many years in auditing and as a CFO. This supposedly ‘dry work’ is anything but for me. I am enthusiastic about all areas of managing and controlling companies, with and without numbers. My favorite quote, which has accompanied me all my life, is:

        “Where would we end up? If we all would just talk about it, but no one would go to see where we’d end up if we just tried it once” 

        As a cheerful, optimistic person, I get a lot of energy from always trying new things, going new ways and not standing still. That’s exactly what I wish for from and with 1000 Satellites.”

        Julia Wagner

        Katharina Hauck

        “After 10 years of professional experience in the wine industry in sales, marketing and research, I’m now excited to be part of an innovative and motivated team and to raise the profile of Co-Working & New Work in the region.”

        Niklas Heck

        “I am very happy to be part of the dynamic and multifaceted team of 1000 Satellites and motivated to productively contribute my experiences from the hotel industry, gastronomy and of course from the coworking & new work sector of the past years and thus to positively and creatively shape and advance the further path of the young start-up.”

        Sarah Münster

        Rodrigo Luis Gamez

        Kira Chupris

        Janine Breininger

        Ann Katrin Betz

        Success comes when you do what you love. ~Albert Einstein

        My motivation at 1000 Satellites is that we as employees also have the freedom to decide how and where we want to work. We are constantly developing and it always remains exciting.

        I am happy to contribute my experience from the hotel industry as well as from the New Work & Coworking sector and to take on new challenges.

        Margit Böhme

        I want to create spaces where people work well and enjoy working.

        Kerstin Hübsch

        Jeanette Oberdorfer

        Anja Ehresmann

        Doing is like wanting, only more blatant!

        Tiani Kea