The idea of decentralized coworking

You are tired of stressful commuting to your job by car or public transportation?  

Or you are already working from home but are missing a professionally equipped and ergonomic workplace without distractions?  

Read about the advantages of decentralized coworking for users and arrange a free test-seating in a satellite of your choice.


Caro, Gregory and Markus, the co-founders of 1000 Satellites, are convinced, that a change in the classical world of work is necessary so that everyone, everywhere, can show their full potential. 

That’s why it is the mission of 1000 Satellites to establish the perfect workplace – right on your doorstep. 

Give it a try or take a look at our first satellites in Mannheim and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

Benefits for employees and freelancers at a glance: 

  • Professional working atmosphere with modern technology (display, fast internet) 
  • Locations that are easy to reach and close to your home 
  • Health oriented office equipment like ergonomic furniture, modern displays, gentle lighting and generous green areas 
  • Rooms for creative-workshops, meetings and events with modern technology 
  • Exchange with other coworkers and motivation through active community management 
  • Working without disturbance (no noisy neighbors or domestic distractions) 
  • Contribution to environmental protection and relief of the traffic situation in our region