Doing something for the environment together
Cycling together.

It’s starting again – the city of Mannheim is taking part in STADTRADELN from June 14 to July 4, 2021. Everyone who lives, works, belongs to a club or attends a (high) school in the city of Mannheim can participate in STADTRADELN.

STADTRADELN is a competition in which the aim is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days. It doesn’t matter if you already cycle every day or if you rarely cycle. Every kilometer counts – especially if you would otherwise have traveled it by car.
The past results of the competition show how many people already travel by bike and thus make a contribution to climate protection. In order for even more people to permanently switch from cars to bicycles, there needs to be a cycling infrastructure that allows them to reach their destination quickly and safely.

In order to draw attention to the needs of cyclists, STADTRADELN is also aimed at local politicians. They are the decision-makers when it comes to the bicycle infrastructure and thus practical climate protection on site. During the campaign, they themselves take the driver’s perspective and find out where the municipality is already bike-friendly and where improvements still need to be made.

This topic also has a special meaning for us, because as a coworking space we not only want to improve the bike network, but above all minimize the long commute to work. So you have more time for the important things in life.

In summary, here’s what we can say:
Let’s do something together for our health, for the climate and for the regional bike network. You are invited to join our team “1000 Satellites”. Everybody counts!
Register here for free – We are looking forward to it.

Your 1000 Satellites Team!



Active Coworking with Max Schneider
Every Thursday

We provide variety, because we expand our free offer for the virtual active lunch break to keep you now also on Thursdays at 12:30 pm on the go!

From now on, our fitness coach Max Schneider from CrossFit Weinstraße in Neustadt will make you fit for everyday life (again).

Often problems or aches arise from sitting too much, bad lifting, etc..

Through functional training, where the whole body is trained, we remember how to do these things properly.

Our own body is all we need to keep fit simply but also safely, healthily and effectively.

Registration is always easy via this link and is possible up to one hour before the training starts.

Sign up now for this rewarding change from the dull (office) routine!

We are looking forward to the upcoming active lunch breaks with you and promise that it won’t be too strenuous. Your 1000 Satellites Team.


How do we avoid stress in hybrid work models?

How do we avoid stress in hybrid work models?

An impulse lecture with a scientific insight from medicine followed by solutions for implementation.

The future will establish hybrid work models between the home, the workplace and new, flexible CoWorking stations. Compatibility will develop a new work style and the stress factor will also change in the process – towards coordination stress. At the same time, the opportunities for personal progress are much higher than in high-presence work models. These chances – coupled with the medical process of stress – we want to explain to the participants with two speakers and present interesting solutions.

A lecture of Dr. med. Gunther Saßmann physician for general medicine and coworker of the Goldbock Unternehmensbetreuung as well as Julia Morstadt, Business Companion of the Goldbock Unternehmensbetreuung.

Start into the noon on 20.Mai 2021 at 11:00 o’clock it goes off with following discussion. The duration is scheduled with a total of 60 minutes.

Register here


Online: New work concepts after Corona
flexible | cost-efficient | attractive

The corona pandemic has triggered numerous change processes in companies over the past few months. Work locations, communication channels, processes and organizational structures have been forced to transform within a very short time. The so-called “new normal” presents companies and their employees with new challenges for which there have been no reliable solutions so far.

One thing is certain, the world of work, especially in regards to home office, is changing in the long-run. It has turned out, however, that working in your own home is only partially suitable as an alternative to the classic office environment. For this issue, Coworking Spaces can offer a solution that also provides additional opportunities for companies.

Together with the Wirtschaftsregion Bergstraße / Wirtschaftsförderung Bergstraße GmbH, 1000 Satellites would like to discuss this topic with you in the form of an online event:

What: Make office concepts flexible, cost-efficient and attractive after Covid-19

When: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 4:30 pm – 6pm

Click here for the free REGISTRATION

At the event you will learn more about the advantages of flexible office concepts for companies and get to know the particular concept of 1000 Satellites. We look forward to meeting you online and present you with valuable suggestions on the subject of ‘New Work’ on your way.

March 2021

Weekly Active Coworking with Jennifer Brechtel

Since February 2nd, we have been offering you a free, active lunch break every week as easy to join as it could possibly be – virtually! We have hired the Neustadt health manager and fitness trainer Jennifer Brechtel, who, in addition to health prevention and rehabilitation, is increasingly concentrating on health promotion in companies. Every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m., every bodypart that a good co-worker needs is trained for half an hour on Zoom. Stomach, Legs, Co 😉 or even other muscle groups that are particularly stressed in everyday office life. The registration can be done via this link and is possible up to one hour before the start of the training each week. We are always happy to have numerous participants and promise you that it won’t be too exhausting either …

Past Events:

February 2021

Virtual construction site party and guided tour through Satellite Wachenheim on the 11th of Februar 2021

The opening of the pilot Satellite Wachenheim is getting closer and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate this with you at our virtual construction site party!

This event offers the ideal opportunity to get to know your future community in Wachenheim beforehand in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, there will be a live on-site guided tour of the construction site via smartphone and you will get first impressions of what to expect in the future at Satellite Wachenheim. You will also be accompanied by the genuine Palatinate comedian Chako Habekost!

Do not let this chance slip through your fingers!

You can find more information about the program and registration here.

November 2020

Coworking Europe Virtual Conference in Vienna

March 2020

Pre-Opening Satellite Taylor: Virtual Construction Site Party

With 1000 Satellites, an innovative concept for decentralized work is being launched in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. Our Satellite Taylor (Mannheim Vogelstang) is being expanded as the first coworking space in a series of up to 15 satellites in the region and is intended to set the standards in the region in terms of flexible working.

In March, interested parties had the opportunity to take a first look behind the scenes of our first Satellite and to exchange ideas with other members of our future community as well as us with drinks, snacks and music.

Because of the corona pandemic, we spontaneously implemented the event virtually. Markus and Gregory guided participants of our virtual construction site party live through the construction site with their smartphones. In order to help them to imagine what the offices, meeting rooms or relaxation areas will look like later, our furnishing partner KAHL from Mannheim created a video that showed the Satellite after completion. Caro commented on the video from the home office. Thus, the audience was able to get a first impression and ask us their questions live.

Thanks for everyone who took part. We look forward to meeting you and everyone else who is interested in our coworking space in person soon!

November 2019

Kick-off of the Coworking Community in Neustadt

Together with the first interested parties at our 1000 Satellites coworking space in Neustadt, we developed ideas on how we can create a lively community on site in November .

Together with 25 people from Neustadt and the surrounding area, we deliberated about how we can set up a coworking community around our new satellite in Neustadt – even before the planned opening in the second half of 2020. Many great ideas arose, that we want to implement in the future.

Pop-up coworking

More than ten interested coworkers, employees and freelancers from different industries and disciplines came together in the restaurant Zwockelsbrück in Neustadt to test what it feels like to co-work together in a decentralized location. We provided the location, drinks and a WiFi connection, everyone brought their laptops and we experienced a special atmosphere with a lot of lively exchange.

Would you also like to attend one of our events in the future and become a part of the 1000 Satellites community? Then subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Meetup.

January 2021

Community Kickoff Breakfast in the Satellite Wachenheim on the the 21st of January 2021

Starting in March, we will open our new coworking space in Wachenheim an der Weinstrasse in the beautiful Palatinate region, bringing you professional workspaces right to your doorstep.

For this occasion, we want to offer you the opportunity to already get in touch with your future coworking community  over a joint virtual breakfast. Use this opportunity to meet new people and start the day with a delicious breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere!

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this common breakfast will take place virtually. We will take care of the catering: for everyone interested from Wachenheim and Bad Dürkheim, croissants and orange juice will be delivered right to their doorstep!

For more detailed information on the program and registration, please use this link!

We look forward to have breakfast with you!

November 2020

Decentralized coworking network meeting

Coworkland eG recently started organizing a network meeting for decentralized coworking in southern Germany, which regularly takes place virtually. 1000 Satellites is included.

Not just since the start of the corona pandemic has decentralized coworking been on everyone’s lips as a form of professional work environment right in front of one’s doorstep. Numerous players are trying different concepts to create such coworking spaces. These players exchange ideas at the regular network meetings of Coworkland. If you also want to take part in this, simply send an email to info@1000satellites.com and we will connect you.

September 2020

Opening week in Satellite Taylor (Mannheim Vogelstang) 21/09 – 25/09/20

On the occasion of the opening of the Satellite Taylor, 1000 Satellites held an exciting opening week with a colorful supporting program in September. Over the course of five days, more than 100 interested people practiced ‘coworking’ at 1000 Satellites. It was all about the topics of New Work, the office of the future, digitization and innovation.

The around 100 registered coworkers joined us from a wide variety of backgrounds – employees from different companies, commuters, regional freelancers, students, journalists, musicians, experts, friends. Many of them were in a coworking space for the first time, many have saved themselves time and CO2 emissions through shorter commutes and many particularly enjoyed the alternation to their usual workday.

The result: stimulating discussions, productive meetings, new contacts and inspirations, concentrated working hours, unexpected insights and ideas.

Thank you all for being there!

You can read more about the opening week here.